Caribbean and Central America Ministries Coming Together

In 2016 as MGB continues its efforts to train Pastors and Church leaders in key strategic cities in the Dominican Republic and Cuba, we will be working with key leaders in these other countries to form a strong leadership team in this region of Latin America.

God has brought together the leaders from a number of ministries in Dominican, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Nicaragua with a desire to partner together in a real way. Our first team meeting together will be at the end of February 2016 in Guatemala.
All of us are being prompted by the Holy Spirit, realizing that we can’t achieve God’s vision for the church unless we truly work together. We are realizing that we truly need each other to achieve God’s global Vision for the church, especially if we are to become a “Worthy” Bride for Christ.
We are truly seeing the Holy Spirit working in this, developing a sincere desire for all us to work together in a way that creates synergy by integrating strengths from each ministry to unify efforts and resources.

Here are 2 brief examples:

In Cuba, we currently have leaders from 2 of our ministries making trips each year to train pastors in different church networks. These networks would be brought into 1 network and the ministries would coordinate training efforts to maximize the use of resources. Jorge from MGB already spends part of his time in Cuba so this other ministry would bring their pastors into the training efforts that Jorge is leading when in Cuba.

Another example, Fellowship Guatemala has a successful “Missions” service model with a mission’s center that is used to help fund the work of training Pastors and planting churches. When the mission’s center is not being used for short term mission’s trip it is used to provide training to Pastors and Church leaders. Our goal would be to use the success of this model to build a strategic missions/training center in other key countries like Cuba and Dominican Republic. Partnering together with several ministries creating one training center with a common vision working together not only brings efficiency and effectiveness with our resources but it also brings unity in the body of Christ.

The Key Cornerstones for Leadership Team to start building upon in our first meeting are:
• To make sure we are building with the right leaders. Leaders with a Calling from God and that are Establish in the Faith
• A Clear Vision and Strategy to Execute the Vision
• Accountability to Biblical Paradigms (Key Principles, Beliefs, Concepts and Values), in the Way of Christ and the Apostles.
• A Work Plan with measurable results and key resources identified

Please keep this unifying and team building work in prayer, we know we will face spiritual challenges.

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