Building up the Body of Christ

God’s plan is for His kingdom to grow through the church. Churches must be firmly establish in God’s Word (the Bible) and according to His plan, with Jesus Christ as the head. Churches that are established my man’s opinion, myth or traditions are not healthy and are detrimental to those who are affiliated with it. The Lord sent the Holy Spirit to the apostles and other disciples so that He could use them to establish His church. His church should be established upon firm biblical principles and entrusted to leaders who are taught these principles and who are led by the Holy Spirit.

Meeting God in Baseball is planting churches and making sure the pastors are firmly established in God’s Word. In the absence of healthy churches, phases one, two and three of our ministry are necessary. The long term goal is that there would be healthy churches in every community who are 1) scattering seed; 2) adding believers and 3) making disciples.