Meeting God in Baseball is a grass roots ministry that is capturing the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Latin America for Christ through baseball.

Dominicans Love Baseball

Sports provide a powerful platform.  Latin American countries love baseball.  In the Dominican Republic there is a large network of coaches and players that are connected and communicating in their communities and throughout the country through baseball.  This existing network of coaches and players presents great opportunity to spread the gospel and establish local churches.

All over the Island you see boys and young men playing baseball with the hopes of making it to the Major Leagues.  Many of them quit school to play baseball signing a contract at the age of 16 with a Major League team in the Dominican hoping to make it to the United States when they are 18 to play in the minor leagues.

Training Disciples on the field

MGB is ministering to these youth for eternity purposes, sharing the Gospel with them, discipling them, and encouraging them to stay in school. There are currently over 400 Dominican Coaches involved in the MGB Vision with over 15,000 players in their baseball programs.

Baseball is a uniquely effective way to lead the youth of the Latin America to Christ —Don Schulz